• Enhance Entrepreneurial values among youth and facilitate their choosing Entrepreneurship as preferred career. 
  • Facilitate introduction of entrepreneurship courses in academic system. 
  • Strategies development of competent Entrepreneurship in industrial and service sectors through research studies and consultancy services. 
  • Promote Networking with National and International agencies, NGOs and Government organizations for developing & promoting Entrepreneurship, facilitating technology transfer, product development, partnering and market accessibility. 
  • To be the “Centre of Learning”, for trainers on Entrepreneurship development. 
  • Capacity building\Enhancement of Entrepreneurship development 
  • Build capacities of country level agencies for Institutionalization of Entrepreneurship. 
  • Vocational training to school dropouts, existing workers to improve their employability by optimally utilising the available infrastructure in the Government, Private and Public Sectors. 
  • Expertise in Monitoring and Evaluation, Development and Dissemination of training manuals and modules on varied subjects